Architectural Ornament and Design Consultation

Jay Bonner specializes in the design of original geometric and floral ornament for projects that require an Islamic aesthetic. He is highly experienced in both historical and contemporary styles. He is also an experienced designer of muqarnas and star-net (rasmi) vaulting. He is experienced in a wide range of ornamental materials and manufacturing processes, both traditional and state-of-the-art. Jay Bonner is familiar with the impact that manufacturing processes bear upon the design process. Similarly, his ornamental services include quality control during fabrication. He is typically engaged by his clients as a consultant, working directly with the architects and design team to seamlessly incorporate his ornamental designs into the overall architectural program. To this end, he works primarily in AutoCAD, but also in Rhino 3D and Illustrator.

As a design consultant, Jay Bonner also works with clients who need an ornamental component to their manufactured products. This is especially relevant to clients who are marketing products to Muslim communities. Such work has included ceramic tiles, minbars, and custom guitars.

Design Workshops, Seminars and Lectures

Jay Bonner regularly teaches the traditional methods used to create Islamic geometric patterns to the growing number of individuals in both Muslim countries and in the West with an interest in expanding their skills in this fascinating field. He has an international reputation, and has taught and lectured in North Africa, Asia, Europe and North America (please see C.V. for details). He has also lectured on the history of this ornamental tradition, as well as on his many architectural projects.